"Trees have a secret life that is only known to those who climb them." Reinaldo Arenas

Wood has been, from the beginning of time, a basic resource for humankind. All civilizations have taken advantage of, over the centuries, the endless possibilities that this raw material that has to offer, and that even today, in the 21st century, remains a highly important resource.

At Maderas Virgilio Pascual, S.L., two basic elements of our business add to our value within the timber industry: the latest technology and equipment for timber processing and conversion, and the knowledge that sustains our company gained from more than forty years of experience over three generations.

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Timber for industrial use. Packaging, operations support, storage, transport, stowage in shipping containers or the hold, etc. Provided with phytosanitary certification ISPM-15 and supplier quality assurance.

Wood to make your own structures, from a fence to a skateboarding ramp, or even a chicken coop or kennel. Whatever it is, we have the lumber you need. We also have ecofriendly and recycled woods.

We are specialists in the manufacturing of boards, planks, and structural elements such as ridge and other beams. We can provide custom dimensions on order for anything from quality construction for formwork to support items including pieces in laminated or hardwood consistently and uniformly finished to build complete structures.

Another aspect of our production is the manufacturing of various sizes of tongue and groove boards for top-quality flooring, as well as a planks with multiple applications, from building structures to furniture or formwork. Our wood flooring comes in widths up to 30mm for direct installation either on battens or beams.

Companies that achieve excellence in their products and services do so not by seeking it directly, but rather by focusing on staying competitive and investing in the future. We understand that our customers aren’t as concerned with how much we know as they are with how well we will take care of them.


Our business is not only local; we ship our wood using containers to locations up to 9,658km away. If you’re within our operational range, feel free to contact us.

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Our sawmill has the capacity to process and adapt to different measurement specifications and other qualities. We do everything from debarking the logs to drying the boards in our kiln, offering a variety of additional treatments.

Companies are only as good as the people that make them. We consider our team to be the foundation upon which our business rests. This is why one of our company’s main objectives is to generate stable employment.


We work with the wood from its beginnings. We purchase growing stock and manage it directly. If you own forested lands, you are welcome to contact us without any obligation.

We work with forests, so care about the environment.