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At Maderas Virgilio Pascual, S.L. we oversee the entire production process straight through. Starting in the forest, we manage, fell, repopulate, and protect the trees, making the most of our resources and always respecting the environment.

With an excellent team and technological equipment, we get started in the great outdoors, advancing to the subsequent stages of processing, conversion, sawing, and product management within our facilities, always keeping in mind the products that our customers need most.


In addition to the wood supplied by third parties, we process our own timber using high-tech machinery. We collect and remove wood from large forests, usually owned by public entities, or smaller forested plots owned by individuals. Our activity ranges from the purchase of growing stock to the delivery of the finished product to the consumer, managing all the logistics along the way.


Logging has always been hard work. Fortunately, technological advances have done away with some of the most difficult parts, and in three generations it has evolved from mostly manual labor, carried out only with the help of a few mules, to a highly mechanized process that requires first-class technicians and has greatly increased productivity and safety on the job. We have state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to carry out forestry work in a safe, efficient, and orderly manner.


If you are a forest owner or a lumber broker feel free to contact us to learn more about timber purchasing.