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Maderas Pascual opened its doors for the first time in Canicosa de la Sierra (Burgos) in 1940. Starting out it was a small enterprise: a family business that was started with very little means and depended on what little infrastructure existed at the time.  From its foundations, over the years we have forged a path to a successful company that today works at full capacity.

Located in the industrial zone of Mieres, Asturias, on a plot of more than 12,000 square meters. Today, Maderas Pascual continues to plant the next generations of trees, bringing together experience and good works, respecting the product that sustains us and investing in quality production, both when harvesting trees and treating wood.


Wood is a resource that is essential to the evolution of humankind. In construction, it is a clean material that provides durability and savings in both energy and handling. Industrially it is one of the most versatile raw materials, and it bears mentioning that processes for timber felling and treatment have modernized significantly, lengthening the lifespan of the product and maintaining it as a top-quality resource.

At Maderas Virgilio Pascual, S.L., we specialize in its treatment, depending on two basic elements that provide value added in ways we consider highly important within the timber industry: the latest technological advances in machinery and operations, and the knowledge obtained over three generations and more than 40 years working with timber in a family-owned company with a robust staff and steady calling toward international growth.